Hemp Oil: A Guide

What Exactly Is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is made from the seeds from the hemp plant. It is also known as “hempseed oil” or “hemp oil.”

Sometimes, you may see the terms “industrial hemp oil” or “phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil.” These names are just fancy ways of saying that it contains extracts of the cannabinoids found in hemp. The difference between these oils will be discussed later in this article.

Hemp seeds are high in nutrients such as protein and minerals including magnesium, phosphorus and iron. They are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. The fatty acids make up 20% to 25% of its composition. They are considered to be a dietary source of essential fatty acids along with vegetable oils.

Omega-3’s are considered essential because they cannot be synthesized by our bodies and must come from external sources. They help regulate healthy immune responses and inflammation to support your overall health. They are also used to produce hormones that maintain the elasticity of the skin, protect against heart disease, reduce blood clots, prevent strokes and lower cholesterol levels.

Where Does Hemp Oil Come From?

The hemp seeds are pressed for their oil. Cold pressed hemp oil is colorless, clear and aromatic with a nutty flavor that is less pronounced than flaxseed oil. It is used as a food ingredient, an alternative to salad and cooking oils. It can be mixed with other oils in recipes, since it is highly stable and maintains its flavor when heated due to its higher burning point compared to other oils.

Hemp oil has a high amount of polyunsaturated fats (the “good” fats) and very low omega-6 acids. It also contains phospholipids that are essential to the creation of cellular membranes, which are vital for life.

Because hemp oil comes from the seeds of the hemp plant, it is considered a nutraceutical (a dietary supplement that boasts health promoting benefits).

Hemp Oil Benefits

One of the reasons that hemp oil has grown in popularity and usage is because of its benefits. These include being rich in omegas, polyunsaturated fats, and Vitamin E. The Vitamin E content helps strengthen your immune system while also protecting from free radical damage which can lead to cancer as well as heart problems. Furthermore, it has been found that regular use of this oil leads to improvements such as increased energy levels plus better sleep quality among others.

It is also good to note that hemp oil has benefits that go beyond health and nutrition. There are also other uses for this substance such as being used as a healthier alternative for many essential oils and perfumes. One of the best ways you can use this oil is to make your own body care products using it or using hemp seed oil alone. This is one of the most practical ways you can use this oil since it can be used in many different forms. The options will definitely vary depending on how much money you have.

Another benefit of using hemp oil is that you will be able to experience a different and better way of taking care of your skin. The vitamins and essential fatty acids in this oil can make your skin soft, smooth, and supple to the touch.

The Omega-3s also help to prevent dry skin since they can be very helpful in moisturizing your skin as well as protecting it from damage resulting from free radical damage. Also because there are so many fatty acids, you can use it straight on the skin.

Are There Different Types of Hemp Oil?

There are various types of hemp oil that can be found on the market today apart from just the hemp seed oil that comes out of the seeds directly from the plant. They usually are made from the seeds of hemp plants that are grown in Europe. They have a much harder texture compared to the naturally occurring oil.

The other type of hemp oil is made from the seeds obtained by pressing the mature hemp seeds, using solvents such as hexane or CO2 to separate the oil from the wax. Because of their higher content of vitamin E, they can be used as a supplement which will benefit your skin just like any other type. A good thing about hemp oil is that you can use various types for different purposes such as adding them to your food and cosmetics.

Hemp Oil Usage

There are several ways you can use hemp oil. You can add it to your salads or even mix it with other ingredients such as soy sauce for a healthier alternative. You can also use it to cook your food on the stovetop or even in the oven. Another option is to add it to soups as well as chili recipes. However, one of the best ways to use this oil is by making your own body care products which can used for a wide range of products.

Another way to use hemp oil is to mix it with water and use the mixture as a steam inhalant. You can also clean your house with it. One of the most popular ways to use this oil is by adding it to your soaps or lotions.

Hemp oil is a good alternative for people who like making their own products or even buying organic products that do not contain chemicals such as parabens and sulfates. If you go out of your way to buy organic skin care products, then you will definitely benefit from using hemp oil in your body care regimen.

Hemp Oil Side Effects

As one of the many health benefits of hemp oil, this substance has no known negative side effects. However, there are still some people who should avoid using this oil since they may be allergic or have other conditions which require them not to take any dietary supplements or substances like this one.

Hemp Oil Products

There are many products that you can get from hemp oil. For those who do not want to make their own, there are body care products and other essential oils and perfumes which you can purchase online or at various shops. You can also buy a hemp seed oil capsule for your consumption instead of buying the hemp seed oil to use for cooking or making your own body care products.

Hemp Oil Nutrition Facts

Nutrition facts include the fiber content as well as any vitamins or minerals that will help your body. A good thing about hemp oil is that it is rich in Omega Fatty Acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6). In addition, other vitamins and minerals contained in this oil are Vitamin E, Calcium, Iron. You can have all these nutrients in the hemp seed oil which are rich in Vitamin E found within its seeds.

Hemp seed oil is also rich in Omega Fatty Acids which are known to reduce blood pressure and lower bad cholesterol. Another heart-healthy benefit of this oil is its content of Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA). This type of acid can also help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease as well as high blood pressure.

What Makes Hemp Different From Cannabis?

Hemp is a type of Cannabis Sativa which has leaves and stalks that have little to no amount of THC. It is because of this that hemp oil does not contain the psychoactive properties of cannabis, so it is safe for consumption by individuals who are not seeking the high effects of THC.

Does Hemp Oil Contain CBD?

Although you can find CBD Infused Hemp seeds, oil, or capsules, hemp oil does not contain CBD. This is because the oil does not come from the same exact kind of plant.

History of Hemp Oil

Hemp oil has a long history of use and can be traced back as far as ancient Greece. The Chinese have been using the seeds of the cannabis plant for thousands of years to manage pain, stress and inflammation. Hemp oil has had an explosive growth in its popularity in recent years due to its incredible health benefits.

When it was first used in China, hemp oil was a part of traditional medicines. Today, there is still a lot of confusion about hemp oil and its place in the pharmaceutical industry. Cannabis oil is extremely popular and is widely used to treat many conditions, but it has a different healing effect than that of Hemp oil.

Final Thoughts

Hemp oil has been receiving a large amount of attention as of late due to its amazing health benefits. As a matter of fact, hemp seed oil is one of the most abundant sources of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids in nature. This means that you can benefit from these fatty acids without having to worry about consuming large quantities.

Hemp oil can be used to replace many common products and actually lowers the cost as well. There is no side effects or risks for consumers who would rather have hemp oil than products containing CBD. For this reason, it is important to be sure you are purchasing 100% hemp oil and not some type of CBD product if you want the full medicinal effects.